Analytics for every business

Big data are data of such a large volume, velocity & variety that it is almost impossible to be processed with traditional methods.

More data does not necessarily mean better decision making. The key is to know, depending on the circumstances, which are the appropriate questions to ask to get the right answer.

The ability to convert big data into smart data is the factor that can bring change to your business because it gives you the ability to study customer behavior and various other aspects concerning your business.


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Benefits for businesses

Cardlink’s Analytics tell the story behind the numbers and help you form the appropriate image for your business. Analytics are very easy to learn and use.

Grow your business

Convert numbers to opportunities and grow your business.

Track your performance

Find out how well your current marketing strategy is performing and adjust it accordingly.

Compare your business with other businesses

Compare your sales and customer spend with similar businesses and make a comparison between your performance and their performance.

Learn more about your customers

Learn more about your customers and the way they spend.

Target your market better

Outline your customers' profiles, divide them into categories such as “new customers”, “frequent customers”, or “local customers” and act according to their profile.

Cardlink Index

Find out where you belong in the field you operate.

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*Cardlink Pulse website is temporarily available only in Greek

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*Cardlink Pulse website is temporarily available only in Greek