Insights Report: Automation in Retail Insights Report: Automation in Retail

Insights Report: Automation in Retail

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Insights Report: Automation in Retail

Retailers worldwide are navigating a rapidly changing landscape driven by evolving consumer preferences. To flourish in this dynamic environment, businesses are increasingly turning to automation. The Insights Report: Automation in Retail is a culmination of discussions from the Leaders Think Tank Vol.3, enriched by insights from the Found.ation editorial team.

This report explores the transformative potential of automation within the retail sector, offering valuable insights into how businesses can leverage automation to enhance efficiency, agility, and customer experiences. It examines the resurgence of physical stores post-pandemic, emphasizing the shift towards a ‘phygital’ model where the seamless blending of physical and digital experiences is essential.

Additionally, the report highlights the significant role of artificial intelligence in driving sales and personalizing customer interactions. Furthermore, the integration of AI, machine learning, and robotics is discussed as the cornerstone of modern retail’s supply chain operations, improving overall operational efficacy. The report also underscores the importance of open innovation, showcasing how collaborations with startups can provide access to diverse expertise and accelerate the implementation of cutting-edge solutions.

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