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Group 11

Insights Report: Automation in Retail

This report explores the transformative potential of automation within the retail sector, offering valuable insights into how businesses can leverage automation to enhance efficiency, agility, and customer experiences.  Additionally, the report highlights the significant role of artificial intelligence in driving sales and personalizing customer interactions. Furthermore, the integration of AI, machine learning, and robotics is discussed as the cornerstone of modern retail’s supply chain operations, improving overall operational efficacy.

The State of Innovation in Retail 2023

Welcome to the new report “The State of Innovation in Retail 2023” of the Retail Innovation Hub by Cardlink. The report is a unique opportunity to explore the latest trends and consumer behavior in Retail with facts and statistics from the Greek and the global market and a useful tool with insights and challenges for the present and future of the industry. Download your free copy of the report and let us know which trends are the most interesting for your business!

“Retail Tech Challenges and Solutions” Insights memo

This Insights Memo was created by Found.ation based on analysis of the discussions that took place during the Tech Communities Workgroup, the second initiative of the Retail Innovation Hub by Cardlink. Selected tech experts from the Greek innovation ecosystem participated in an open dialogue about everything from the cost of returns to the ROI of innovation in the retail industry. Download your personal copy to read all about the most pressing challenges for the present and the future of retail, and their proposed solutions.

“Retail is changing” Insights Report

The Insights report “Retail is changing” is the first Insights Report of the Retail Innovation Hub. It was created by Found.ation following research and analysis of everything discussed at the Retail Leaders Workgroup, the first initiative of the Retail Innovation Hub by Cardlink. In the workgroup participated executives from the companies L’OREAL Hellas, Kotsovolos, Oracle, OPAP, Eurobank, Vodafone, Microsoft, PwC, Quest Group (, Cardlink, Found.ation, Velocity.Partners, Stanton Chase, istorm, and Venture Friends. You can download the report free of charge here