NEW REPORT: The State of Innovation in Retail 2023

How technology and startups are changing the industry?

The retail sector has undergone significant changes in the past three years, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of consumers to turn to online shopping. Retailers, brands, and suppliers have had to pivot and adapt rapidly to an online-first environment. While many of these trends were already prevalent before the pandemic, the crisis accelerated them, leading some to believe that online shopping would become the new norm.

Three years later, as consumers returned to physical stores, the retail sector is re-examining its assumptions. Consumers are now savvier about their online options, and a new demographic with specific expectations of their retail experience is entering the market. At the same time, the transition to a post-pandemic world has brought geopolitical and financial challenges that exacerbate disruption, rather than easing it. To navigate these challenges, brands and retailers must leverage technological innovations that can save costs and improve efficiency. They must also understand their customers’ needs and meet them proactively and decisively.

To provide a clearer understanding of the constantly shifting powers of the industry, we have prepared a report that examines these trends and what they mean for the retail landscape, offering insights into how retailers and brands can navigate the current environment.

What you will read:

  • The latest shifts in consumer behavior and how they affect delivery, returns, the omnichannel experience and ESG practices
  • The characteristics of the next generation of consumers
  • Facts, figures and statistics for the Greek and the global market
  • The impact of new technologies from last-mile delivery and drones to cashierless stores, the Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence
  • Why should retailers follow these trends and what is required to adopt some of these technologies
  • How startups drive innovation for retailers and brands, with examples of companies from the Greek but also the global scene that develop solutions targeting the key sectors of the retail industry

As a part of the Retail Innovation Hub by Cardlink activities, we aim to support all players of the retail ecosystem, whether they are retailers or startups, and help them develop useful solutions and synergies.

Download your free copy of the report and let us know which trends are the most interesting for your business!