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Our new platform, Cardlink Apollo, facilitates your business’ needs by offering:

Instant and detailed information

Cardlink Apollo offers business owners a detailed overview of your day to day business and increased control of your business' transactions with an extensive and live (real time) view of all card transactions that take place in your physical store. With just a glance an always updated report can be available any time of the day.


Full reports about your transactions at Cardlink POS devices, with easy to understand trend revealing graphs. Metrics offered by Cardlink Apollo include: the total number of transactions, the turnover per bank, per type of transaction and card type, information about interest free installments and the number of redeemable transactions.

Aggregated information

Aggregated information about your transactions per Cardlink POS device (assuming you have more than one POS), per store (assuming you have more than one store) and per bank.

Information about Cardlink POS devices

Detailed information about your business’ collaboration with Cardlink, for example, the number and type of POS devices you own, their functionality, invoicing methods, etc.


Get a detailed view and complete control over your e-shop’s transactions. There are options for both real time tracking of transactions as well as from graphs and analytical reports.


Gain access to Cardlink’s experienced support team, and useful answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Sign-up for Cardlink Apollo

The sign-up procedure with Cardlink Apollo is easy.

Simply visit and follow the 5 simple steps to complete registration for your business. Cardlink Apollo is provided to all partner businesses without additional fees.

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