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Cardlink one

Accept payments securely to your account!

Cardlink one is the simplest way to accept payments via Android POS in your store, online for your e-shop or through a link.

Cardlink one provides the payment acceptance service in cooperation with Worldline Greece and is available for customers who do not already partner with Cardlink.

smart POS

Οver 290.000 businesses trust us for their everyday payment acceptance


Easily accept card payments whether you’re selling in store or on the go


Accept secure online payments, with or without an e-shop

Data & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics

Monitor your business, discover valuable insights and take the right decisions through your payment data

Ordering software
Offer delivery and take-away, and get order management and website, with our integrated wireless ordering software

Trust us

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Software solutions

Super powerful
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Cardlink POSsible

Cardlink smart

Cardlink checkout

Cardlink apollo

Cardlink maitre

Cardlink e-grow

Cardlink pulse

Cardlink POSsible

Cardlink POSsible, cutting edge technology at your service!

Experience the future of payment systems with this innovative platform's new smart Android POS and state-of-the-art technology.

Υποστήριξη των καθημερινών σας συναλλαγών

Support for your daily transactions

Application store

Application Store

Πιστοποιημένη ασφάλεια

Certified security in every transaction

Μοναδική εμπειρία χρήσης

User-friendly experience

Cardlink smart, all-in-one invoice software solution via POS

Cardlink smart is an all-in-one solution for comprehensive management of your business invoices through your Cardlink POS, with direct interconnection to AADE’s myDATA platform.

Connection to the myDATA platform

Can be used from all devices

One receipt for all

Automatic connection of your business to your accountant

Cardlink checkout, online sales quickly and securely

Discover Cardlink checkout, the trusted platform for accepting e-Commerce transactions by Cardlink.

Online αγορές με ένα click

One-click online shopping

Σχεδιάστε τη δική σας σελίδα πληρωμών

Design your own payment page

Υποστήριξη όλων των μεθόδων πληρωμής

Secure payment environment

Εύκολη Διασύνδεση

Easy to connect through Cardlink’s Sandbox

cardlink apollo

Cardlink apollo, real-time transactions reporting

Eases your daily life through the direct and continuous card transactions monitoring in your physical and online stores.

Real-Time εικόνα των συναλλαγών

Track your business performance

Χρήσιμα στατιστικά στοιχεία

Real time trading preview

Ανάλυση Συναλλαγών

Aggregated charts and reports

Άμεση Υποστήριξη

Instant access to Cardlink support team

Cardlink maitre, upgrade your business

Cardlink maitre makes wireless ordering easier and faster than ever!

Ασύρματη Παραγγελιοληψία

Wireless ordering

Διαχείριση Delivery & Take away

Remote management

Ανάλυση Συναλλαγών

Take away and delivery management

Άμεση Υποστήριξη

Issuance of receipts and invoices


Cardlink e-grow

Cardlink e-grow is a reliable DIY platform that enables you to quickly and easily create your own e-shop.

Ασύρματη Παραγγελιοληψία

One platform for everything

Διαχείριση Delivery & Take away

Immediate contact with new customers

Customer Support

Υποστήριξη όλων των μεθόδων πληρωμής

Secure Cardlink payments

cardlink pulse

Cardlink pulse, convert your Cardlink POS data into business insights

An innovative web application for data and business analytics that helps your business effectively.

Αξιόπιστες λύσεις πληρωμών

Make business decisions for business and sales growth

Γνωρίστε το Πελατολόγιό σας

Get to know your customer base better

Learn your ranking in relation to businesses of the same industry

Υποστήριξη όλων των μεθόδων πληρωμής

Measure your business performance



What our clients say

“Chromoperipeteies”, my art bookstore is a new business that recently completed one year of operation. Throughout this wonderful journey, Cardlink team was by my side from the first time I received the POS. The call center is staffed with polite people, always willing to calm you down and guide you step by step through any difficulties you come across. A big thank you to the whole team.

Evgenia SpiridakiArt bookstore
testimonial Κατερίνα Ψωμά

“A partner that is supportive when I am in need, that is Cardlink to me! They are true to their brand promise “Cardlink works for you”! They serve as my right hand for the two consecutive years that we are working together, they are always there for me.”

Katerina PsomaDesigner
testimonial Παρασκευάς Ρωμανός

"Cardlink to me means customer service. Any time we needed Cardlink, they have assisted us properly, directly and effectively."

Paraskevas RomanosVodafone store owner
testimonial Ιωάννης Κατσένης

"I feel Cardlink as a partner. It makes my life so much easier when dealing with customers and makes me feel totally secure in card transactions. For me, Cardlink is a valuable tool for my everyday life."

Ioannis KatsenisBarber shop owner

"Having to deal with a special concept that only supports electronic payments, Cardlink and i-mall teams worked together to develop an innovative payment system and physical pick up of products. The cutting-edge technology of POS along with Cardlink’s amazing support team, contributed significantly to the launch of the world’s first robotic Micro Market, opening the first pilot store in Athens."


"Cardlink is precious like a diamond in our everyday life, necessary both to us and to our customers.
Their impeccable staff provides excellent service with speed and immediate assistance.
Next to us in every difficulty."

Radio Taxi Asteras

"Our chain is entirely connected with Cardlink, which helps us serve our customers every day instantly and reliably."

Spyros PeltekisGeneral Manager Smilekiosk

I am extremely satisfied with the cooperation of our business with Cardlink. The POS was delivered in just 2 days in Kalamata, unbelievable but it happened, in 2 days I was operating the restaurant. I always receive the payments to my account on time. Thank you for our excellent cooperation.

Christos PolitisBunz Burger Lovers
About us

We operate the largest card
acceptance network in Greece

Cardlink was founded in 2004 by Alpha Bank and Eurobank. Cardlink’s goal was to create a common POS network that would assist in the development of electronic transactions in Greece. The network unification project started in 2011 and was completed by 2014 by installing more than 80.000 Cardlink POS.

Our culture is based on agility – we urge our people to try new things. In this way, they train themselves and become better – each time in something bigger and more important. Learning is a highly personal process. No one can force you to learn something new. You have to want it.