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MoTo Payments

❗What are MO/TO transactions?

MO/TO (Mail Order / Telephone Order) are payments made without the presence of a physical card. That is, the customer can place an order and pay by providing the details of the payment card by telephone or by email.

💡What changes with MO/TO transactions?

MO/TO transactions are considered high risk transactions due to the manner in which card details are sent, i.e., via phone or email. At Cardlink, following the International Security rules and in line with PSD2 legislation, we upgraded the manner in which you receive MO/TO payments through Cardlink POS terminals. Please follow the instructions below depending on your terminal type.

💡How can I carry out a Mo/To transaction on the Android POS terminal?

You can only carry out a Mo/To transaction if you have a received the relevant approval from the bank you collaborate with. Select “Other Services” and “Mail-Telephone Order” for the transaction you want to carry out (simple purchase or pre-approval). Follow the steps to complete the payment and send the receipt to your customer via SMS or email, if they request it.

If you cannot find the “Mail-Telephone Order” option under “Other Services”, make sure that your terminal is turned on and connected to WiFi or Ethernet at night-time, when automatic updates take place, so that it can be updated with this functionality as well as all the upcoming ones that the Cardlink POSsible software of your Android POS will soon be equipped with.

If your Cardlink POS is Verifone or Ingenico, learn more about carrying out Mo/To transactions here (content available in Greek).

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