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Press release
27 July 2015


Card Transaction Acceptance
Easy, Quick and Simple
for all Businesses

A business account with partner Banks is required.

Cardlink, the largest POS network provider for card transactions in Greece, now enables e-ordering POS terminals for businesses, without requiring a visit to a physical Bank branch. The only condition for using POS4all to acquire Cardlink products is the existence of a business account in one of our partner banks.

Easy, fast, simple

All companies can now accept card payments, by simply ordering a POS in Cardlink’s POS4all platform. It is an online process, without needing physical presence in a bank, with 5 simple steps:

1. Visit cardlink.gr/Pos4all
2. Selection of Bank and existing business account (IBAN)
3. Select terminal type (new or refurbished)
4. Completing an online application for a Transaction Acceptance / Terminal Acquisition Agreement
5. Selection of payment method (via card, via web banking, cash on delivery)

It is worth noting that all orders to acquire a Cardlink product by POS4all concern the purchase or lease of a terminal (depending on the type). It is sent by courier while its installation is easy. Comprehensive instructions are included in the product packaging.

Antigonos Papadopoulos, Commercial Director of Cardlink, said: “Given the difficult market conditions today, we have decided to offer all businesses a direct way to be able to provide card acceptance services to their customers. The POS4all by Cardlink terminals are suited for businesses and freelancers who want to reduce turnover losses, especially at a time when there are restrictions on cash flow and, at the same time, improve the services they provide to their customers. In addition, speeding up the process and reducing redundant bureaucracy will contribute to the faster expansion of electronic payments in Greece. “For more information about the new offer, the features and the steps of ordering Pos4all terminals, visit the website cardlink.gr/Pos4all or call 8011100767.

About Cardlink

Cardlink was founded in 2004 and is the largest provider of payment services in Greece, with more than 80,000 POS devices. Cardlink helps businesses with their daily transactions offering quality, security and speed.  The Cardlink team monitors the developments in the electronic payments sector and adopts the latest technology to create innovative products and services which continuously improve the transaction experience in physical commerce as well as e-commerce. Cardlink has been part of the Quest Group since January 2015.

Cardlink                                                                               Quest Holdings

Email: info@cardlink.gr                                                 Email: pr@quest.gr

Tel: 211 1069607                                                               Tel: 211 9991494

www.cardlink.gr                                                              www.quest.gr  

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