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#5 Christmas Tips: Get your business ready for Christmas 🎄

Christmas Holidays are almost here, and most businesses are preparing to welcome consumers who seem to be looking forward to their holiday shopping! Despite the energy crisis and rising inflation that have affected consumers’ purchasing habits, recent Nielsen data indicates that 60% of consumers plan to either maintain their 2021 Christmas budget or spend more!

Well, consumers are ready to spend but is your business ready to offer them a unique Christmas experience? We have prepared 5 tips for you to get your business ready for the increased holiday activity.

Go the extra mile for your clients

It’s well known that Greeks are fun of last-minute holiday shopping. Christmas Eve is always the day with the highest transaction volume of the year. This can bring delays in customer service, queues at the checkout, frustration and even lost sales from customers who didn’t have the time or patience to wait. Think smart! A small gesture can make a difference. Create a small colored corner to wrap gifts separately from the cash register, offer a treat to those waiting in line to pay, prepare a small gift for your customers’ children or a greeting card with their receipt. You’ll have their smile for sure!

Take care of your equipment

Is everything under control? Is there anything you can do now to make sure everything works like clockwork during the two weeks of peak shopping? There’s one thing you don’t have to worry about and that’s your POS. We’re here for you for anything you need. Make sure it’s upgraded to the latest version and consult our guide to secure transactions. Evaluate whether it’s time to upgrade your business with a modern and reliable POS -if you haven’t already- as more and more consumers tend to pay by card, mobile or smartwatch. A state-of-the-art Android POS from Cardlink will allow you to carry out transactions at high speed and maximum security without losing connectivity, allowing you to handle the increased volume of Christmas shopping without any hassle!

E-commerce is here to stay

The explosion of e-commerce came during the pandemic period and is constantly gaining momentum. Consumers love shopping online and 71% of them will browse the web to get ideas and inspiration for Christmas and New Year gifts.

Therefore, e-commerce will star this year too. If you’re thinking of setting up an e-shop now, you have time! Cardlink e-grow supports the creation of your own modern e-shop, quickly and easily. In just a few simple steps, you get an online presence with a website, blog and e-shop “all in one”. This way you ensure that your customers can find and buy your products wherever they are!

Don’t forget that you can achieve online sales even if you don’t have an e-shop. Customers can place their order over the phone or social media and you can receive payments through a special payment link sent to them via email, messenger or SMS. This is the simplest and quickest payment method, which gives a practical solution to several cases, e.g., if you want to receive a deposit for a hotel room reservation, car rental, etc.

Be an early bird

Consumers can now find deals and offers to save money with a simple “click”. Many are those who choose to get ready early this year, starting their Christmas shopping on Black Friday! In order to boost your sales in December, you can implement attractive promotions. Contests, discounts and freebies are great ways to attract more customers during the holiday season. Contact us to help you organize promotions, customized to your needs, from your Cardlink POS.

Take a look in the rearview mirror

How did your holiday sales perform last year? Your latest performance is a useful tool for planning your strategy this Christmas. Cardlink apollo the digital platform which Cardlink makes available free of charge to partner businesses, allows you to review your performance, providing you with useful insights, reports and transactional analytics, in order to optimize your strategy for this holiday season.

We hope you found these tips useful! Cardlink’s experienced and knowledgeable team will be by your side to help you with whatever you might need this Holiday season.

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