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Celebration of Customer Experience Day and National Customer Service Week

This year, as every year, we celebrated at Cardlink Customer Experience during the first week of October with our customers, our partners and our people who every day do their best to provide high-quality service and positive experiences for our customers. With a festive mood all week in the office, we organized fun quizzes and rewards for our partners and customers. Also, Cardlink employees got inspired by Ilenia Vidili ‘s (author, advisor and global keynote speaker) unique presentation.


National Customer Service Week (CSWEEK) is organized by ΕΙΕP and is celebrated in more than 60 countries.

Customer Experience Day (CXDAY) is organized by the global organization CXPA and is celebrated on the first Tuesday of every October by thousands of professionals and organizations around the world.

Both institutions constitute an opportunity for us to thank our customers and strengthen our continuous effort to stand close to their needs and provide a high level of service.


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