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The Cardlink training webinar series is now reality

Press Release
4 July 2023

The Cardlink training webinar series is now reality

Cardlink, member of Worldline (Euronext:WLN), the European leader in payments services, fully aware of the challenges businesses are facing in today’s fast paced and dynamic market, announces the launch of an open series of online training webinars.

The webinars are prompted by the questions and concerns of businesses as they have been raised during their interaction with Cardlink’s teams and are offered free of charge to anyone interested, regardless of the industry or the existence of a partnership with the company. The aim of the initiative is to transfer Cardlink’s expertise and experience to businesses so that they can grow and successfully address the challenges in their industry.

The first webinar, named “Tourism 3.0 | Megatrends”, took place in early June, coordinated by Margarita Rosmari, Marketing & Insights Manager of Cardlink and Angeliki Ntzari, Product Manager of Cardlink. During the workshop, participants had the chance to learn more about the challenges and risks faced by businesses in the tourism industry, the new trends in the field of sustainable tourism, the new type of tourist and what to expect, as well as the digital tools and fintech solutions that can contribute to the seamless operation and growth of their business.

Margarita Rosmari stated: “I am delighted that we have launched this series of webinars and that we have received such a warm welcome for our initiative from businesses operating in tourism. We started with a triplet related to the tourism industry and beyond, and more specifically the triplet of payment security, sustainability, and the new type of tourist. Other webinars will follow around topics of concern for businesses and we are even conducting a survey to select the next topic. The webinars will be delivered both by Cardlink executives, experts in their field, and by guest participants.”

Angeliki Ntzari, Product Manager of Cardlink noted: “It is crucial to be there for our customers and not just listening to their concerns, but also sharing knowledge with them. Cardlink’s webinars are not just conventional training workshops, but an interactive forum in which participants have the opportunity to interconnect with market experts and get their queries answered.”

Through this initiative, the company is once again delivering its commitment to stand firmly by the side of businesses, contributing to their growth. The first webinar is available free of charge in the following link cardlink.gr/academy and in Cardlink’s YouTube channel @CardlinkSA.

About Cardlink
Cardlink was founded in 2004 and is the largest payment service provider in Greece with more than 290,000 POS, 25,000 e-Commerce stores and 400 million transactions per year. Cardlink helps businesses with their day-to-day transactions with quality, security and speed. The Cardlink team monitors developments in the field of electronic payments and adopts the latest technologies and services that continuously improve the trading experience in physical and electronic commerce. Since September 2021, Cardlink has been member of Worldline (Euronext:WLN), the European leader in the payments services.

About Worldline
Worldline [Euronext: WLN] helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to accelerate their growth journey – quickly, simply, and securely. With advanced payments technology, local expertise and solutions customized for hundreds of markets and industries, Worldline powers the growth of over one million businesses around the world. Worldline generated a 4.4 billion euros revenue in 2022.
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Cardlink: Margarita Rosmari, tel. +30 210 6100674, email: pr@cardlink.gr
Aia Relate: Katerina Kaskouti, tel. +30 210 7418908, email: kaskouti@aea.gr

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