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Easter 2023: Ideas and tips to make your business stand out this Easter

Easter is just around the corner, with shopping activity increasing as the time for the Easter table and the “godfather’s basket” approaches, and the first tourist getaways of the season are close. Consumers’ spring mood is further boosted as the egg cracking time approaches without the constraints of the pandemic, while the plans for the holiday season are putting aside, even temporarily, concerns about the ongoing price increases and the energy crisis.

It is the time when businesses prepare for the increased Easter shopping traffic in order to ensure the best experience for their customers and stand out in a complicated -but also full of opportunities- environment. It is well known that it is no longer enough for a business to simply offer better prices to attract more customers.

At Cardlink, we are always looking after our partner businesses’ needs, and thus we’ve put together some simple, easy-to-implement tips to properly prepare your business for the Easter season!

#1 Take care of your POS

In a market like Greece, where consumers are increasingly using cards for their purchases (up to 60% of consumption will be paid using cards in 2023 as estimated by the Ministry of Finance), you should make sure that your Cardlink POS is upgraded, so that it operates at its best during Easter. We take care of all the upgrades, you just need to make sure your POS stays on, charged, and connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet during the night to download the latest available software version.

Also, this is the right time to estimate if you need an additional POS, such as a wireless one or a mini that will make transactions easier. If you own a POS of past technology, Easter is definitely an opportunity to upgrade your business with a modern Cardlink Android POS, so you can conduct transactions with even higher speed, maximum security and via any payment method your customers choose, no matter if the payment is contactless, by card, or even a smartphone, a wallet or a smartwatch.

#2 Get your customers into spring mood

Little things with big impact, that’s our advice! For the godparents who left easter shopping to the last minute, for those preparing the Easter table and for those organizing a trip, one action is enough to make their day. Serve them with a smile, decorate your shop with an Easter theme, offer a gift such as a candle or chocolate eggs, send them an Easter card with a warm message. Simple. Easy. And you’ve earned a place in their heart!

#3 Online sales even without an e-shop

E-commerce continues to grow, and it is certain that many consumers will choose to do their Easter shopping online. If you have an e-shop, carry out the necessary performance and security checks and do any upgrades to ensure it can cope with the increased traffic and thus your customers will have the best experience. You can also create a separate category with products and special offers for the Easter season, making purchases even better for your potential customers.

If you do not have an e-shop yet, you can now do it yourself, easily and quickly, through Cardlink e-grow. In just a few simple steps, you can have online presence with a website, blog and e-shop, “all-in-one”.

And if you just want to sell online even without an e-shop, you can do that too, through Cardlink’s Payment links. How? Customers place their order via phone or social media, and you receive the payment through a special link sent to them by email, messenger or SMS. The simplest and quickest payment method that gives a solution in many cases, for example if you want to receive an advance deposit for a hotel room reservation, car rental, etc.

Extra tip! Last year, EY Future Consumer Index recorded that the biggest problem consumers have when shopping online is by far the high cost of transport (according to 42% of survey participants). Offer free shipping for your customers’ Easter purchases, demonstrating that you are listening to your market and your customers’ needs.

#4 Organize a promotion

As we approach the Easter season, and the market traffic is increased, it is a good opportunity for your business to stand out by organizing an attractive promotion that expresses the unique philosophy of your business. Contests, discounts and other benefits are great ways to attract more customers. To help your promotion reach a wider audience, use social media, where people tend to search for such offers, and don’t forget to use Easter themes.

Your Cardlink POS, among its countless opportunities, can also support promotional activities, tailored to your needs, such as, for example, your customers earning a discount through “lucky receipts”. Contact us to find the best solution that will boost your sales!

#5 Consult the data

Your business has data, whatever its size or the industry it belongs to. In fact, this data is available for free on the Cardlink apollo digital platform, giving you the opportunity to review useful insights, reports and detailed information from your transactions in the previous years.

What could be more useful than listening to your own customers and their needs, taking a step back to see how they have behaved during the same period in previous years, so that you plan your preparations for this year’s Easter accordingly. Don’t forget to include in your estimations the Covid-19 restrictions in the previous 3 years.

We hope our tips are useful to you! Cardlink remains by your side with our experts team, all this important period for your business, aiming to contribute to your success this Easter.

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