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Miltos Tentoglou & Cardlink: Championship is about pushing your limits

There are athletes who do not simply achieve success. They are the ones who do the impossible and, ultimately, write their names on the stars. Among these living legends of dedication, self-discipline, and courage is Miltos Tentoglou. At just 24 years old, the long jumper has already managed to win top titles worldwide!

A few months ago, the great athlete won his first diamond at the Diamond League final in Zurich with an impressive jump of 8.42m, while during this year’s season that started a few weeks ago, Miltos continues to win gold medals one after another. These recognitions, however, are but the latest in a series of stunning performances. As his statistics of recent years show, he is, after all, an extremely consistent athlete since nine of his ten career-best performances in indoor and outdoor tracks have been in the last two years. In fact, all of them involve jumps of over 8.35m. In the last two years, he has won five of the six titles that he tried for!

The success that Miltos Tentoglou is experiencing today is not the result of a lucky moment but a course that has been built over the years. With Cardlink at his side as his proud sponsor, Miltos Tentoglou has won the title of European Long Jump Champion four times, has achieved the world’s best performance in 2021, 2022 and 2023 and with each jump he breaks his personal records one after the other.

Above all, he has earned a special place in our hearts thanks to his personality. It is no coincidence that recently he received the Ethics Award at the annual honorary awards event of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, in recognition of his “adamantine” character and the values he stands for with his athletic career and his lifestyle. Because Miltos Tentoglou is an authentic champion who reminds us at every opportunity that no goal is unattainable if you pursue it with method and passion.

That’s why Cardlink has stood by his side. After all, being a champion is not about winning. Being a champion is about constantly testing your limits, overcoming obstacles and conquering new skies that some people once thought were out of reach. And that is exactly what Miltos Tentoglou and Cardlink do every day, each in their own track.

Watch our beloved Miltos Tentoglou at Cardlink academy, in the video ‘How to work like a champion?’ 🏆 here.

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