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Antigonos Papadopoulos participated at the 10th Digital Banking Forum

Cardlink’s CEO, Antigonos Papadopoulos, participated this year too at the 10th Digital Banking Forum titled “The fintech era”, organized on May 30th 2023, by ethosEVENTS in collaboration with the financial and business portal banks.com.gr and the financial and investment magazine XRIMA.

During his speech titled “Facts for an ever-changing payment landscape”, he presented interesting data that shed light on the changes that took place in 2022 in the Greek payment industry. Specifically, Antigonos Papadopoulos said that last year there was an increase by 19% in the number of transactions carried out by Cardlink’s network, reaching 1.8 billion euros, while the percentage of transactions with Greek cards also showcased growth of +17%. Also, as he mentioned, the card use increased impressively even for amounts less than €2, and almost half of the transactions carried out by card are of value up to €10. In the first quarter of 2023, both the value and the number of transactions have increased by 15% and 17% respectively.

Antigonos Papadopoulos also actively participated in Panel I titled “Payments are changing in Greece, the view of old and new players” where he highlighted the shift in consumer behavior towards the adoption of digital tools. As he stated, “It is now the consumer’s choice to use digital payments, even for transactions of low values”. Also, he referred to the change in the behavior of businesses, “which are now looking for digital tools that will allow them not only to manage payments easily and quickly but will also enable them to improve their customers’ in-store and out-of-store experience”.

You can download the presentation here.

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