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EFT/POS integration with cash register: Everything you need to know

Cardlink supports businesses for the integration between cash register and POS

Responding to your needs is an absolute priority for Cardlink. Daily dedicated to provide you with high quality services and contribute to the digital transformation of your business in an ever-changing and evolving payments environment.

Another important change for businesses in the coming period is the mandatory integration of cash registers with POS terminals, so that the tax data of businesses are transmitted in real time to the Public Revenue services (IAPR). As with any new mandatory requirement arising under legislation, the Cardlink team will be ready to support your business and the new functionality.

In terms of technological infrastructure, our work is currently focused to ensure that Cardlink’s POS are timely ready to receive the payment amount information from the cash register. A prerequisite is that the cash register must be firstly upgraded accordingly.

In order to best support you, we have prepared a detailed guide with useful information on the integration of your cash register with the POS of your business and, as always, our experienced and qualified team will be by your side at every stage of the process to keep you informed on the developments, guide you and help you, so that the transition is done in the simplest possible way and with the least possible involvement on your part.

Every change in the field of payments technology is a challenge for us to be more innovative and make real our promise to offer you comprehensive and technologically advanced products and services for growing your business through solutions to your needs.

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