Back Transactions with Cardlink POS & Useful Guides

How can i make a transaction with the Cardlink POS?

You can find a useful guide regarding transactions of a Cardlink POS in a video or a PDF format below, according to your model:

A80 Ethernet/WiFi: PDF  (available in Greek)

A920 Pro WiFi/4G: PDF (available in Greek)

A920 WiFi/GPRS: PDF (available in Greek)

A910: PDF (available in Greek)

D188 Mobile: PDF (available in Greek)

D200 Mobile: PDF (available in Greek)

Verifone Vx520 Ethernet: Video (available in Greek) | PDF

Ingenico iCT220 Ethernet: Video (available in Greek) | PDF

Verifone GPRS Vx675: Video (available in Greek) | PDF

Verifone WiFi Vx675: Video (available in Greek) | PDF

Ingenico GPRS iWL220: Video (available in Greek) | PDF

Ingenico WiFi iWL220: Video (available in Greek) | PDF