Cardlink 500 Contest THE WINNERS!

October 2020

Cardlink 500 Contest

The Cardlink 500 Contest yet another year made us feel excited with hundreds of participations! We thank you all for celebrating the National Customer Service Week with us.
Who are the 10 lucky winners who won the €500 check?


Congratulations to all! Our team will contact you for the details on how to receive your gift.
And if you did not win, do not worry! Cardlink continues to work for you, so stay tuned for new contests, innovative ideas, good business practices and everything you need to know about the future of payments!
See the terms of the contest in detail here.

Significant IT equipment donation by the Quest Group to the Hellenic National Public Health Organisation and the Ministry of Education

We are proud to be part of the Quest family! United for the greater good.

Quest Group, with a 40-year active presence and contribution to the digital transformation of the Greek society, announces the Donation of modern IT equipment of a total value of €500,000 to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Health. In addition to the donation, training and support is provided at schools for the application of an innovative teaching scheme using the Apple system and tools.

More specifically, the Group is donating 1,000 4G iPads to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs to be utilised immediately by primary schools for distant learning, and to be utilised to their full extent at a later stage for the introduction of the digital teaching education programme through the iPads. This donation enables 1,000 students to receive comprehensive teaching and a creative learning experience through Apple’s pioneering and innovative tools designed specifically for education. The Group also assumes the responsibility of sending the iPads to the Principles of the educational institutions that will be indicated by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, as well as providing training and support to the educational personnel that will be called to use this technology.

At the same time, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Group is donating state-of-the-equipment – 120 laptops and desktops and 15 all-in-one printers – to the Hellenic National Public Health Organisation  (EODY), thus facilitating the immediate monitoring of developments in the battle against Covid-19, as well as the study of data and the coordination of public health services across Greece.

In regard to the needs related to medical equipment, two (2) high-flow oxygen devices (ventilators) and related consumables have been provided to the 2nd Pulmonary Clinic of the Attikon University Hospital.

The Quest Group’s donations are realised with the contribution of the subsidiary companies iSquare, Info Quest Technologies, Uni Systems, ACS, Cardlink and Quest Energy, and the strong belief that the crisis will be overcome soon and that the next day will find all Greeks stronger and ready for the challenges we will face.


  1. The reported Donation amount does not include VAT.
  2. For more detailed information regarding iSquare’s “Innovation in Education” programme and the use of iPads in education, you can download additional material here

New partnership for our Data & Analytics web app Cardlink pulse with GuestFlip

We are very excited about our new partnership with GuestFlip, the company that specialises in online reputation management of hotels. You will now be able to combine the innovative Big Data and Analytics Cardlink pulse web application with the capabilities of GuestFlip, which offers a comprehensive overview of the reviews that your hotel's customers have posted on different platforms (such as Google, Booking, TripAdvisor etc.).

This means that through the Cardlink pulse application and the new GuestFlip feature you will also gain a depiction of the quality of your services and a comprehensive Reputation Management, which you can utilise to improve your online presence and your customer’s experience.

At a time when the internet is the main method for searching for hospitality services and your customers’ reviews are accessible to everyone, it is very important to have a tool that brings together everything you need to improve your business, by making the right decisions and offering robust services that satisfy your customers.

All these, along with the Cardlink pulse analyses and data offer you a significant competitive advantage and the opportunity to monitor your business’s position in the tourism industry.

We are here for you by continuously enriching our services.

Antigonos Papadopoulos spoke at the 7th Digital Banking Forum

June, 2020

Antigonos Papadopoulos, Cardlink’s Commercial Director was invited to speak at the 7th Digital Banking Forum, which was held online for the first time, on June 26th 2020.

His presentation titled “Covid-19 | The year 2015 of electronic payments” attracted everyone’s interest, as he talked about market fluctuations as showcased through every industry’s electronic payments - and how these were affected by the outbreak of the virus in early 2020.

As part of the "New players" topic, he presented Cardlink's ecosystem and all the added-value services, that offers to help its clients grow their business.

You can view and download the presentation in Greek.

Important Announcement

Important announcement

Regarding the issue that has arisen with the non-executed electronic orders of the e-shop and your relevant concern, we would like to inform you that Cardlink is not involved neither in the payments nor the refunds resulting from transactions with the specific e-shop.   The company’s reference to Cardlink in relation to the problem that has arisen is misleading.

Cardlink's role in the performance of transactions is limited to transferring the transactions from the business to the bank with which the business has signed a relevant contract.  Cardlink has received a letter of demand from this business with which it has never had any direct collaboration and will take legal action in order to protect the company.

Our advice to consumers that have been affected by the problem with the non-executed electronic orders and are requesting a refund is to contact the customer service of the bank that issued the card they used in order to exercise the rights they are entitled to in the framework of performing transactions.

Cardlink supports “Ennovation” and youth entrepreneurship

Cardlink supports “Ennovation” and youth entrepreneurship

On Thursday, 30th of April 2020, the business and research teams participating in the 12th Interuniversity Competition on Entrepreneurship and Innovation shared their final presentations online and received awards. Εnnovation 2019 is supported by more than 20 Universities in Greece and Cyprus.

Cardlink supported the competition as a Golden Sponsor and participated in the 22-member panel that selected the winners. The 17 Entrepreneurship, Research and Young Entrepreneurship Streams teams presented their business proposals and progress through their participation in the 8-month acceleration process of the competition.

Six teams were awarded cash prizes amounting to 11,000 euro that will stimulate them to take the next step in order to implement their idea. See here the teams awarded.

Covid-19: Cardlink stands next to its customers and employees as it prepares for the coming day.

Cardlink stands next to its customers and employees as it prepares for the future.

The promise we have given to businesses is “Cardlink works for you”. We work every day to this end and we are very proud that we managed to deal successfully with the pandemic challenges during such a difficult reality that the appearance of Covid19 suddenly imposed on us.

Using quick reflexes and by utilising the necessary technical support we turned a corner and started working from home. We supported and genuinely looked out for our employees, both on a personal as well as a professional level, and managed to maintain the team’s cohesion and the company’s tempo as if we were in the office.

This enabled us to keep our activities running for businesses that remained open as well as for online transactions, while supporting their new, increased and urgent needs. We worked intensively from home in order to ensure the seamless service of the businesses that were on the front line. We looked out for our customers, in a two-way relationship which was clearly reinforced even further in these challenging circumstances.

For the majority of the companies that were affected by the compulsory closure of businesses, we acted immediately, by taking facilitation measures which we will also extend in the following months if necessary.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic poses a major challenge on a personal and collective level. At Cardlink, we want to be part of the solution and of the coming day. This is why we listen closely to the customers’ new needs and we are already working on ideas and proposals that will contribute to business development.

The measures taken to curb the spread of the virus have so far been successful due to the diligence portrayed by all of us. By staying safe and by displaying optimism, hope and perseverance, we believe that together we will pull through and we will emerge even stronger and more united.

A message from our CEO

One month after the onset of COVID-19 in Greece, our country is at a critical point in the effort to contain this pandemic. The drastic measures that were taken to control the spread will only succeed if all of us do our duty and diligently follow the guidelines and instructions issued by the authorities. This is key in ensuring that we provide the time to our doctors, nurses and all those who work in our hospitals to treat those that need additional care and attention. It is also key in slowing down the spread so we can enhance resources and capabilities to better fight this disease until appropriate treatments and vaccines are discovered.

As soon as the first cases appeared in Greece our first priority was to take measures to protect the health of our employees. We strengthened our cleaning and sanitization processes and ensured that all of our employees were appropriately educated and briefed in order to reduce the chances of catching or spreading the virus. We immediately started working on testing and enhancing our remote working capabilities.

Since March 16, 100% of our employees are working from home. We have also enhanced our digital channels so customers can have more options to get in touch with us during this period. Finally, we have worked with our partners and suppliers to help and support them as they also established remote working procedures. We are very proud that we have been able to service and support our customers without any impact during this period.

We believe that if we take care of our people, they will take care of our customers. This period of uncertainty is a call to action to demonstrate this responsibility. We are committed to supporting our employees morally and financially as we all adjust to the current circumstances. Our management team has been tasked to keep constant contact with our employees and support each and every one personally and professionally during this period. We have also increased the frequency of our all-hands meetings and we are doing them weekly via videoconference so we can all get together and talk about what really matters.

The majority of our customers are affected by the mandatory closures of businesses. Our message to you is that we are committed to your growth and success. we are here to support you as you are trying to find alternative ways to serve your customers or to help you better prepare for the time of reopening.  Do not hesitate to communicate your needs or concerns to us.

To those business that remain open, we recognize your important role in serving society during this period.  We are there, working for you, to address any issues and any requirements you may have so you can focus on serving all of us.

I am optimistic that we will overcome this challenge. We need to be patient and follow the instructions from the experts so we can reestablish normalcy as soon as possible while waiting for the collective effort of scientists around the world to produce results that will make the disease manageable.

It’s time for our grit and determination to come forward.

George Drimiotis

CEO, Cardlink

Covid-19: Increase of the limit for contactless transactions

Covid-19: Increase of the limit for contactless transactions with debit and credit cards from €25 to €50

Limiting and avoiding the use of cash for consumers’ transactions is one of the important recommendations provided by the health authorities in order to protect ourselves more effectively from the coronavirus.

In an effort to boost contactless transactions, as a measure to curb the spread of the virus, the limit is being increased from €25 to €50 for Visa, Mastercard, Diners and AMEX debit and credit cards.

According to the decision of the Hellenic Bank Association, from Monday 30th of March 2020 all Cardlink POS supporting contactless transactions will have been reconfigured to accept the increased €50 limit for contactless transactions without the requirement to enter the four-digit PIN code and with no action being required from businesses. The four-digit PIN code is necessary for amounts of €150 and above. The cards that have been issued by a foreign bank may not have this capacity and a PIN code may be requested for transactions above €25.

Here at Cardlink, we are staying home and monitoring any developments. We are ready to respond to any need that arises, and we are working hard, remotely, in order to serve you and to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the transactions systems for brick-and-mortar and online stores.  

Covid-19: Cardlink cares and works for you from home

Covid-19: Cardlink cares and works for you from home

Responding to our responsibility for the protection of society as a whole in the current conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, we believe it is important to inform you that we have taken all necessary measures for the smooth operation of our services during this crisis we are all facing.

We are working from home and have taken precautions for the safety of our people as well as for the uninterrupted operation of the transactions systems for the brick-and-mortar and online stores.

We would like to inform you that in the event that you require support and our call center is receiving more requests than those it can normally handle, or if it cannot accept any calls, the methods in which you can send us your request are the following:

  • The Cardlink apollo platform where, after you have completed a fast and simple registration, you can send us a request for anything you might need as well as see in real time all the details of your transactions for your brick-and-mortar or online store.

Visit and complete your registration

  • Our website, where you can fill in the Contact Form and also find videos, FAQs and other useful information.
  • Our Facebook page

Furthermore, in our YouTube channel you can find useful videos that may cover your need and help you out.

We are constantly monitoring any developments, we are here for you and working for you. We will continue our efforts to satisfy all your needs by using any available method.