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Marks & Spencer upgrades customer experience in its stores thanks to Cardlink’s new Android A80 4G POS

Marks & SpencerThe Challenge

The British multinational group Marks & Spencer has a large network of retail stores in Greece, which are visited by hundreds of consumers every day to buy quality clothing, household goods and food supplies.

With a desire to provide optimal customer service and a firm commitment to innovation, Marks & Spencer wanted to modernize its fleet of terminals in order to upgrade customer experience by increasing the speed of transactions, enhancing security and providing consistent connectivity to the cash registers of its stores.

In addition, the upgrade of the terminals had to be done in a short period of time, without interrupting the operation of the stores, while their design had to showcase innovation and modern design.



The Solution



Working with Cardlink’s experienced team of consultants, Marks & Spencer has chosen to upgrade its fleet of terminals with the new Android A80 4G POS.

With ergonomic design and modern look-and-feel, the wired A80 is used as a desk POS for transactions made at the checkout. This terminal features the latest Android software, accepts all payment methods, and thanks to the reliable 4-core Cortex-A53 processor, it offers high transaction speeds and unsurpassed security.

At the same time, it provides stable connectivity by enabling internet access either by Ethernet and Wifi or by SIM card (connected directly to the 4G network), ensuring optimal customer service at the checkout. In addition, the A80 Android POS has a built-in camera for reading linear barcodes and QR codes and a high-speed thermal printer for fast receipt issuance. At the same time, the terminal is connected to the Cardlink store giving Marks & Spencer access to a wide range of applications, including the leading payment platform Cardlink POSsible and also third-party applications: tax free, loyalty, etc.

Along with the Android POS A80 4G, Cardlink has equipped cash registers in Marks & Spencer stores with a PIN Pad, the handy peripheral device that connects to the POS and is placed on the customer’s side so they can swipe their card and securely enter their PIN. This makes it easier for checkout staff and provides better service, security and speed experience when consumers make transactions.



The Implementation


Marks & Spencer

The replacement of older technology terminals with the modern Android A80 4G POS and pin pad was implemented by Cardlink in Marks & Spencer stores within a three-month period. The installation of the new equipment at the company’s 28 outlets across the country was carried out gradually and smoothly, without affecting the optimal operation of the stores’ cash registers. Thanks to the intuitive UI of the POS, no special training was required, and employees were able to use the new terminals in customer service from the very first moment.

Cardlink supports all businesses, regardless of size or industry, by offering leading products and services that enable them to receive transactions securely and quickly and enhance their customers’ experience. The company’s expert team of technical consultants stands by their side as a trusted partner to guide them in order to find the payment solution that best meets their needs and helps them in their digital transformation.


The Benefits



Customer experience is enhanced:

  • Improved service speed at the checkout
  • Service without delays regardless of connectivity conditions


Innovation profile:

Upgrade the company’s innovation profile



Secure transactions:

Transactions are carried out with complete security

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